Our Mission

The VNA cares for individuals and families through health and related services in homes and other community settings.

Our Vision

The VNA will be the home and community-based provider within an integrated health care system, creating value by improving health outcomes, enhancing patient experience and decreasing cost for Vermonters.

Our Values


  • Accountability:
    • to our clients and families, and to our communities
    • to each other – our staff, volunteers and Board
    • to collaborators with whom we share our Mission
  • Responsiveness to change in our communities’ demographics and among those we serve
  • Advocacy on behalf of those we serve
  • Leadership and talents shared for broader good in our community and state
  • Effective stewardship of our resources


  • High quality programs, services and results
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Innovation in what we do and how we do it
  • Skilled leadership,management and supervision


  • Equitable care for all who need us
  • Prudent stewardship of resources
  • True to spirit and principles of community-based nonprofit organizations
  • Compliance with legal, regulatory and professional obligations
  • Ethical practice, leadership and decision-making


  • Sympathetic concern for the needs and circumstances of those we serve
  • Responsiveness to those needs and circumstances
  • Holistic in our outlook and approach to caring
  • Service provided without judgment or prejudice


  • In all agency relationships, internal and external to the VNA, we will:
    • Be dependable and professional
    • Be courteous and respectful
    • Be caring and compassionate
    • Address others’ needs in a timely fashion
  • Engagement and innovation constantly bettering our care and service