VNA sees an increase in the number of individuals and families in need of the unique care provided at Respite House. As people are living longer, with more complex illnesses, and greater care needs at the end of life, families are not able to care for their loved ones at home. More and more, they turn to Respite House to provide a home-like environment and the loving care for which we are known.

Expectations have changed as much as need has grown. Large groups of family and friends spending time with their loved ones, often including overnight stays, would stress the small rooms at Respite House. The layout of the rooms at the Williston residence, the lack of adequate in-room bathing facilities, the insufficient storage space for medications, supplies, and food, as well as constraints with the land related to parking and privacy were just some of the challenges of the original House.

As important as infrastructure improvements are, the most critical issue for patients and families was that of our limited capacity. Our healthcare partners see Respite House as an important option for people who no longer want to receive aggressive treatments for their terminal illness and increasingly refer patients to Vermont’s only Hospice home.


main_entranceWhile our Williston location served us well for these last 25 years, its limited acreage as well as an impending major construction project adjacent to the House made it impossible to design a larger, more modern facility there.

We believe that our new McClure Miller VNA Respite House in Colchester offering a serene and pastoral setting – with capacity for 21 residents and offering larger resident rooms with full baths, more flexible family gathering space, and better organized spaces for clinical staff – is essential to meet the needs of residents, families and friends over the coming decades.

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