Over the past few years, the VNA Board and leadership invested significant effort and time in exploring options to expand and modernize Respite House to meet the changing needs of our community. This work included a detailed demographic study projecting future need for residential hospice care. An independent project manager also conducted a thorough review comparing the current space to the ideal for both staff and residents including careful comparison of several options to increase capacity.

Based on these analyses and recommendations from a detailed feasibility study, the Board of Directors of the VNA of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties moved forward with construction of a new residential hospice house that meets all our needs to be funded through a special fundraising campaign. Our $8.6 million campaign covers the costs of the new site and construction, project contingencies, a modest endowment set aside for the house’s financial flexibility and stability, and campaign costs. To date we have raised $5.5 towards that goal.

Construction of 21 room inpatient residential hospice $4,352,000
Land Acquisition $500,000
Site Work $776,000
Building Design/Electrical/Mechanical $612,000
Fit-up, Equipment and Furnishings $1,000,000
Building Contingency Fund $510,000
Endowment $500,000
Campaign Costs $350,000
Campaign Goal $8,600,000


Do you have questions about our capital campaign?

Contact Ann Irwin, Director of Special Campaigns, at irwin@vnacares.org or at this number.

(802) 860-4437