In 1991, visionary community leaders created the J. Warren and Lois McClure Vermont Respite House as a home-away-from-home to care for people with terminal illness. Respite House was designed to provide the highest quality of care during the final days of people’s lives while sustaining dignity, respect and caring relationships.

Twenty-five years later, our Respite House continues to receive residents from all walks of life, from all over Vermont and beyond its borders. Today, VNA is experiencing increasing demand for quality end-of-life care driven by greater awareness and acceptance of hospice services. Demographic analysis and recent research on end-of-life care in Vermont also point to continued growth in hospice use, including an increased need for residential hospice care. We must now address the need for greater capacity.

Why a New Respite House?

VNA sees an increase in the number of individuals and families in need of the unique care provided at Respite House. As people are living longer, with... Read More >>

The Capital Campaign 

Over the past few years, the VNA Board and leadership invested significant effort and time in exploring options to expand and modernize Respite House to... Read More >>

Campaign Leadership

This campaign is led and supported by a generous and devoted group of individuals, each with their own strong connection to VNA and Respite House.  We... Read More >>

Frequently Asked Questions

The new VNA Respite House opened on September 12 on Route 7 in Colchester (one mile north of Severance Corners). We are continuing to raise funds to... Read More >>