The VNA cares for individuals and families through health and related services in homes and other community settings.

VNA Governance

Our 2016-2017 Board

Barbara A. Martin, EdD (Chair)
Jeanne B. Hutchins, MA (Vice Chair)
Joseph Hameline, III (Treasurer)
Frank Harris (Secretary)
Judy Peterson, RN (VNA President and CEO)
Johan W.E. Maitland (Chair Emeritus)

Tania F. Bertsch, MD
Beverly Colston
Rosemary, Dale, EdD, APRN
Patti Fisher, MD
Evan Goldsmith
Steven M. Grant, MD
Brian Harwood
Peter Martin
Dick Mazza
Tara Pacy
Jim Reardon
Erika Schramm
Linda Tarr-Whelan, MS, FAAN
Harriet Williams, EdD

Our 2015-2016 Honorary Board

Hal Colston (Chair)

Debby Bergh
Michael W. Breen
Charles I. Bunting, EdD
Elizabeth J. Davis, RN
Estelle Deane
Molly Dillon
Gary Eley
J. Churchill Hindes, PhD
James W. Madison
Joan H. Madison, MD
Holly Miller
Robert E. Miller
Gretchen Morse
Patricia P. Motch
Patricia C. Myette
Faith J. Parker
Ernest Pomerleau
Andrea Rogers
Kay Ryder
Janet Stackpole
Patricia Thomas
Delight Wing, MD

Our Strategic Leadership Team

Judy Peterson, RN – President and CEO
Beverly Boget, MBA – Director of Planning and Government Relations
James Budis, RN, MSN, MPH – Vice President of Clinical Services
Tara Graham, BS, LicSW, NHA – Executive Director of Hospice & Palliative Care
Mary Hegarty – Vice President of Marketing & Customer Relations
James E. Manahan, MBA – Vice President for Finance and Administration
Angel Means, RN, MS – Vice President of Quality and Education
Allison Mercure – Accounts Receivable Manager
Arsi Namdar, BS – Vice President of Information Technology & CIO
Terry Paquin, PT – Director of Adult Home Care
Lisa L. Yaeger, SHRM-CP – Vice President of Human Resources