The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act mandates that a physician have a face-to-face encounter (in-person visit) for Medicare home health services. Here are the key things that you need to know:

The Medicare Face-to-Face rule requires:

  • All individuals who are referred for home health services must have a Face to Face Physician Encounter (“in person” visit) with a physician or non-physician practitioner* (nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant) within a mandatory time frame
    • Within the 90 days before the start of home health services or
    • Within 30 days after the home health nurse or therapist makes the first visit.

*Please note that although a non-physician practitioner may perform the encounter, the certification must be signed by a Medicare enrolled physician.

If this requirement is not met, Medicare will not pay for the home health services.  All Medicare certified home health agencies are required to comply with this new requirement.

The following documents provide support for completing the documentation of the face-to-face encounter:

The VNA greatly appreciates your willingness to work together to comply with this requirement and provide the best possible service to our patients.

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