An Important Update on VNA’s Flu Program

Vermont’s aging population and the preference of Vermonters to age in their homes is putting more demands on home health and hospice providers like the VNA.  At the same time, VNA is preparing for significant changes driven by healthcare reform and we are making strategic decisions regarding how to most effectively meet our community’s needs today and into the future.

As part of this planning, we have decided that VNA will no longer administer flu vaccine clinics for organizations and businesses. In the past few years, the availability of flu shots has become prevalent in our community through retail pharmacies. Going forward, available nursing and support staff are needed to respond to growth in the VNA programs and services integral to our home health and hospice mission.

We sincerely appreciate the years of support we received from our clients and local towns for our flu vaccine program. We believe strongly in the importance of preventative health care, including getting an annual influenza vaccine. We will continue to administer flu vaccine to our staff and clients of VNA programs to help protect vulnerable populations from avoidable illness.

If you are interested in finding another provider for your onsite flu vaccination clinic, we encourage you to speak with your health insurer regarding other options that may be available or contact your local pharmacy.


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