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Joy Abounds at Queen City Memory Cafe

When I heard that Burlington was starting a Memory Cafe, I was excited and curious. I was not sure what to expect, but I hoped to see that it would bring together those affected by memory challenges and their loved ones to share times of joy and meaning as opposed to the stressors that can come with care giving. Continue reading

The Smell of Bacon

One morning, I walked into the Vermont Respite House for a committee meeting on the Vermont Hospice Study, a study being conducted to identify barriers to hospice use and come up with strategies to increase hospice utilization in Vermont. Walking into Respite House from a cold rain outside, the first thing that hit my senses was the combined smell of bacon and fresh cut flowers. Continue reading

Running for Gramma Pat

Rachel Drew remembers the feel she had the first time she walked into the VNA Vermont Respite House to visit her Gramma Pat. “It was like walking into a living room. It put me at ease and it made me feel very comfortable.” Continue reading

Story Time

It’s time to tell a story. Participants in our Dementia Care Day Program gather around the room, a picture in hand. Phyllis Boczar, LNA, starts by asking a question about the photo. As people share what they see, Francesca Creta-Merrill, Site Manager, captures everything that is said on a big pad of paper. This is called TimeSlips. Continue reading

Support the Family Room

On any given day, walk into the VNA Family Room and you’ll hear different languages being spoken, smell delicious foods being cooked in the kitchen… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Blessings

The Thanksgiving season offers us the opportunity to take a minute, sit back and think about those things for which we are truly thankful. Continue reading

Boots-on-the-Ground Perspective

Social worker, case manager, advocate, friendly face, interested listener, teacher, health care provider. Saint. These are but some of the “faces” of the two providers I followed during the Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties’ Community Visits program. Continue reading

Being a Dad

My partner, Dana, and my son, Ezra, and I were sitting around at my mom’s house eating dinner. My cousin had just had a baby, so the discussion moved to how hard it is to transition into the role of being a parent, even if it is something you have planned and wanted and dreamed of for a long time. Being a dad to Ezra has intensified every aspect of my life – I have reached levels of joy, love and peace I had never imagined possible. Continue reading

The Art of Nursing

This is a great week to say thank you to all the nurses in your life. National Nurses Week, which begins on May 6, is a time to honor, celebrate and say thank you to those who work countless hours and with multiple patients to provide a safe and caring environemnt in which to heal. This national recognition runs until May 12, which also marks the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Continue reading

Running for a Cause

On Saturday, May 10, the VNA holds its annual 5K Fun Run and Jiggety Jog at Williston’s Allen Brook School to benefit Vermont Respite House. For as many participants as there are each year, there are just as many reasons for why they participate. So, we asked a few of this year’s fundraiser’s: Why are you participating in the Vermont Respite House Fun Run? Continue reading