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A Thousand Words

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

As you explore our website, you’ll find thousands and thousands of beautiful words expressed about the work we do via powerful imagery displayed throughout our pages.

And when you read our print newsletters, our Annual Reports, our brochures and other print publications, those captured images you see in these pieces help us tell our complex story with profound simplicity.

Daria Bishop

Photographer Daria Bishop and friend

The reason these pictures so effectively capture the essence of VNA care is that our award-winning photographer, Daria Bishop, is passionate about the work we do at the VNA. Her pictures tell the stories of how we help people stay healthy, regain independence, keep connected and live life fully. For years, Daria has been invited into homes of VNA clients and welcomed into VNA programs and special events. She has seen first-hand the expertise of VNA staff as they provide care for our community and captures those experiences in her compelling images.

Want to see more of her work? Check out our 2011 Annual Report or our newest VNACares newsletter online at

Daria doesn’t always work solo, though. Occasionally, we are fortunate to have her photographer husband Andy Bishop offer his talents, as well. Each year, Andy uses Family Room photos that Daria has taken to create for us a poignant slideshow, which is presented at our annual Spring Blooms! Fashion Show and Luncheon. To view the presentation that 330 guests enjoyed at our April 4 event this year, please visit:

Thank you, Daria and Andy, for helping us tell our VNA stories so beautifully and effectively!

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