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Joy Abounds at Queen City Memory Cafe

When I heard that Burlington was starting a Memory Cafe, I was excited and curious. I was not sure what to expect, but I hoped to see that it would bring together those affected by memory challenges and their loved ones to share times of joy and meaning as opposed to the stressors that can come with care giving. Continue reading

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For 100 days, we are highlighting a different employee daily on Facebook with a photo and a quote about what they love about the work they do at the VNA. It’s called 100 Days of VNA Love (#100DaysofVNALove). Continue reading

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Advance Care Planning – Put it on Your Calendar!

Two months ago, my husband and I were determined to finally get our advance directives done after years of stalling. For us, the initial challenge of setting a date to talk about the advance directives was our biggest hurdle. But, once we got it going, it was actually a lot easier than we thought. Continue reading

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The Smell of Bacon

One morning, I walked into the Vermont Respite House for a committee meeting on the Vermont Hospice Study, a study being conducted to identify barriers to hospice use and come up with strategies to increase hospice utilization in Vermont. Walking into Respite House from a cold rain outside, the first thing that hit my senses was the combined smell of bacon and fresh cut flowers. Continue reading

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Running for Gramma Pat

Rachel Drew remembers the feel she had the first time she walked into the VNA Vermont Respite House to visit her Gramma Pat. “It was like walking into a living room. It put me at ease and it made me feel very comfortable.” Continue reading

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Story Time

It’s time to tell a story. Participants in our Dementia Care Day Program gather around the room, a picture in hand. Phyllis Boczar, LNA, starts by asking a question about the photo. As people share what they see, Francesca Creta-Merrill, Site Manager, captures everything that is said on a big pad of paper. This is called TimeSlips. Continue reading

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Support the Family Room

On any given day, walk into the VNA Family Room and you’ll hear different languages being spoken, smell delicious foods being cooked in the kitchen… Continue reading

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Preventing Falls This Winter

Falls are a leading cause of emergency room visits in Vermont, especially during the winter months when roads and sidewalks are wet, cold and slippery. Try some of these preventative measures for a safer winter season. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Blessings

The Thanksgiving season offers us the opportunity to take a minute, sit back and think about those things for which we are truly thankful. Continue reading

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Boots-on-the-Ground Perspective

Social worker, case manager, advocate, friendly face, interested listener, teacher, health care provider. Saint. These are but some of the “faces” of the two providers I followed during the Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties’ Community Visits program. Continue reading

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