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VNA Executive Team

Judy Peterson, President and CEO Judy Peterson, RN

                                President and CEO

Susan Anderson-Brown, Director of Human Resources Susan Anderson-Brown, MBA

                                Director of Human Resources

Beverly Boget, Director of Planning and Government Relations Beverly Boget, MBA

                                Director of Planning and Government Relations

Patricia F. Donehower, Vice President for Adult Clinical Services Patricia F. Donehower, MSN, RN

                                Vice President of Clinical Services 

Toki Eley, Director of Maternal and Child Health Services Toki Eley, LICSW

                                Director of Family and Children's Services

Michael Garrett, Manager of Quality and Education Michael Garrett, MBA

                                Manager of Quality and Education 

Catherine Holdway, Director of Community Care Connection Catherine Holdway, RN, MSc(A) LMFT

                                Director of Community Care Connection 

Ann Irwin, Director of Development and Community Relations Ann Irwin, ABJ

                                Director of Development and Community Relations 

Jim Manahan, Vice President for Finance and Administration James E. Manahan, MBA

                                Vice President for Finance and Administration 

Angel Means, Director of End-of-Life Care Services Angel Means, RN, MS

                                Director of End-of-Life Care Services 

Arsi Namdar, Chief Information Officer Arsi Namdar, BS

                                Chief Information Officer 

Terry Paquin, Director of Adult Home Care Terry Paquin, PT

                                Director of Adult Home Care 

Lynne Robertson, Director of Long-Term Care Lynne Robertson, RN

                               Director of Long-Term Care 

Christine Werneke, Director of Business Development and Marketing Christine Werneke, MS

                                Director of Business Development & Marketing