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What Does End-of-Life Care Mean to You?

Hospice hands

  While Vermont leads the nation in many areas of health and overall quality of life, the state is ranked near last for use of hospice care. Hospice is widely recognized as superior care for persons at the end of life.

So, why then are so few Vermonters accessing this care? 

How are Vermonters being cared for at the end of life? A statewide study, commissioned by VNA's Madison-Deane Initiative, is exploring these questions and is seeking input from Vermonters across the state through an online study.

Take the survey and share your experiences and input.


VNA believes that the results of this study will inform health care providers about the care Vermonters desire for themselves and their loved ones at the end of life.



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May 7, 2015

One morning, I walked into the Vermont Respite House for a committee meeting on the Vermont Hospice Study, a study being conducted to identify barriers to hospice use and come up with strategies to increase hospice utilization in Vermont. Walking into Respite House from a cold rain outside, the first thing that hit my senses was the combined smell of bacon and fresh cut flowers.

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